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Artist Application

Important Dates and Artist Fee Information


If you RECEIVED a cash award last year and will be applying in the same medium/category, click here. otherwise complete this form.  If the question does not pertain to you, enter N/A in the space provided.


For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards through PayPal.  A PayPal account is not required to use this service.  


If you need assistance, please email help@seawallartshow.org.

1.  General Information

* Required

For collaborative teams, enter the co-artist’s name in the space provided.

2.  Contact Details

Do you give your permission to link the above website to www.seawallartshow.org?


3.  Booth / Exhibitor Space

Standard Booth / Exhibitor spaces are 10 x 10; however, a limited number double booths are available.  Booth fees are calculated based on the number of standard spaces requested.  


4.  Medium / Category

Enter the name of the medium/category from one of the options listed.  If your work is not listed, please enter “Other” in this field.

Clay/Pottery              Mixed Media

Drawing                    Sculpture

Fiber                         Painting

Glass                        Photography

Jewelry                     Wood 

Metal Work               Other

Enter the category type for the medium entered in the previous field.  


For example, if your medium is “Painting” enter “Oil, Watercolor or Acrylic” in the field below. 

DO NOT ENTER process, materials and technique descriptions in this field, this information should be provided in #5 Artwork.

5.  Artwork

Uploaded images will be used by the jury panel to evaluate your work.  If accepted, the images may also be used for publicity purposes - including but not limited to social media.  Please upload clear JPEG images that are 800 pixels on the longest side and no more than 3 MB. 


Each file should be labeled as follows: 

Last Name First Name Sample Number/Name

For example:  

Smith John 01

Smith John 02

Smith John 03

Smith John Resume

Smith John Booth

DO NOT ADD the sample title to the file name.

Upload Image - Sample 1*
Max File Size 3MB
Upload Image - Sample 2*
Max File Size 3 MB
Upload Image - Sample 3*
Max File Size 3 MB

6.  Artist Statement and Resume

Artist credentials should be saved as PDF or Word format.  

* Please include all juried shows within the past (2) two years.

Upload Artist Statement/Resume*
Max File Size 3MB

7.  Booth / Tent Image

Upload a clear picture with your artwork set-up inside

Upload Image - Booth/Tent*
Max File Size 3MB

By completing this online application and submitting the required fee, the following will apply:

I/We affirm 1) all work presented in this application was created and completed by the artist(s) applying,

2) have read and agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the Seawall Art Show, 3) release of the Seawall Art Show and it's designated representatives for any damage or loss to my person or property.  I/We also agree to allow images of my work to be used in event-related publicity and/or materials including social media.

** Note:  Once you press submit, it may take a few minutes for your information to be recorded. ** 

If the icon disappears before you receive the confirmation message, please be patient.